Dancing Among the Stars 2023 DLSEC RISE Prom Photos graphic

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, DLSEC RISE High School students enjoyed a "Dancing among the Stars" prom hosted by the Yoakum High School PALS.  With galactical decorations and costumes, blacklights, and plenty of neon, the stage was set for an out-of-this-world prom!  Even the snacks went with the theme including Starbursts, Star Crunches, Moon Pies, Milky Ways, and Texas Stars cheese crackers which were accompanied by mystical alien green punch made by Yoakum ISD nutrition department and a beautiful cake donated by Love Bird Cakes of Victoria and Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Goodson that was so astronomically delicious!

For this year's prom, many of the decorations were part of a generous donation and loan from the Yoakum Heritage Museum which enabled us to utilize the decorations they had from their recent gala.  The event was held in the St. Joe Family Center which is always the perfect place for our DLSEC RISE prom.  Students entered the celestial event through a beautiful balloon arch designed and install by Cindy Rodriguez with the help and hot air of several of the YHS PALS.  Shelley Connelly coordinated the decorating efforts to ensure an awesome environment for the special guests.

During the prom, the king and queen were announced.  This year's DLSEC RISE prom queen was Emily Loos (Shiner ISD) and king was Slade Vacek (Hallettsville ISD).  

One thing we discovered about having a dark prom is that it's hard to get great photos in the dark, but we hope you enjoy experiencing "Dancing among the Stars" through the photos from the event.  The smiles throughout the photos show the joy experienced by RISE students, PALS, staff, and parents during this wonderful event. 

DLSEC would like to recognize and thank the YHS PALS for hosting the 9th annual DLSEC RISE prom.  It is the most anticipated event of the year for our high school students and it's the participation of the PALS in the event that makes it truly amazing for our students!