Students holding boxes of Lysol wipes that they are unloading

The donation was made possible by Lysol’s Here for Healthy Schools Initiative.

Yoakum, TX  (January 13, 2023) - Frontline Impact Project delivered 30,000 Lysol wipes packs to Yoakum Independent School District (YISD) and DeWitt-Lavaca Special Education Cooperative (DLSEC) through Lysol’s Here for Healthy Schools initiative. This is part of the organization’s commitment to donate 14 million wipe packs - a value of $47 million in cost savings to schools nationwide*. YISD and DLSEC will save $134,100 by not having to purchase disinfecting wipes, allowing this savings to be reallocated for other school related supplies or resources. 

This delivery will give teachers across YISD and DLSEC the resources to help kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on classroom surfaces with Lysol and empower students to build healthy habits in the classroom. YISD Superintendent Tom Kelley commented, “With COVID-19, flu, and any number of other health concerns continuing to impact our students and staff, this generous donation will help us minimize the spread of germs and keep our students and staff healthy. We greatly appreciate what Lysol’s ‘Here for Healthy Schools’ initiative is doing for students and staff here and across the nation.”

With regard to this generous donation, Tessa Sanchez, DLSEC Multi-District Programs Principal, said, “Our RISE and GOALS classrooms are lucky to receive so much local community support and to be a recipient of support on a nation-wide level is truly amazing!  Having the supplies on hand to sanitize classrooms in order to mitigate the spread of illness while reserving school funding for instructional materials provides our classrooms with a piece of mind that we are all - schools and businesses - on the same team.”

“Frontline Impact Project continues to be there for our essential professionals who contribute to the wellbeing and vitality of our local communities,” said Daniel Lubetzky, Frontline Impact Project, Empatico, and KIND Founder. “This school year, we are excited to team up with Lysol to make sure that educators have the tools to create a healthy learning environment where kids can create, build connections, and flourish.”

The wipes were delivered on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and distributed to campuses across YISD.  Tessa Sanchez discovered this opportunity to apply for free wipes on Facebook and tagged DLSEC’s Director of Operations Meredith Hairell.  Meredith submitted the application on behalf of YISD and DLSEC.  Meredith said, “It was an easy application process and a really quick turnaround on receiving a response from Frontline Impact and the Lubetzky Family Foundation.  This is an unbelievably generous donation for our district and DLSEC.” 

YISD and DLSEC will be able to share a portion of the donated wipes to area private schools, daycares, and smaller districts including Ezzell ISD, Sweet Home ISD, and Vysehrad ISD.

Teachers and school districts nationwide can still apply to receive their free wipes at today. Schools who receive wipes must be able to accept one full truckload with 40 pallets of wipes to be delivered beginning mid-September through December. Larger school districts may request multiple truckloads. Since YISD does not have the kind of a loading dock needed to receive the shipment, the management staff at the Yoakum HEB graciously agreed to unload the shipment on their loading dock and to help with storing the Lysol wipes while the district distributes them to school sites for use.  Without this partnership, YISD would not have been able to qualify for the donation.

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Meredith Hairell

*Lysol will donate 14 million Disinfectant Wipes Packs to the Frontline Impact Project to benefit the 2022-2023 school year, totaling 665 million wipes. For more information, visit, - contact information for the charitable beneficiary of this promotion is as follows: Lubetzky Family Foundation, 3 Times Square, New York, NY 10036.

Lord's Little Angels Daycare Students Help Unload Their Donated Lysol Wipes

DLSEC Executive Director Jason Appelt Takes a Break after Unloading the Last Pallet of Lysol Wipes at Yoakum Primary School

DLSEC RISE High School Students Help Unload Two Pallets of Donated Lysol Wipes

Yoakum Primary School Principal Rebecca Fitch, Counselor Kim Kvinta, and a Helpful Student Take Donated Lysol Wipes into the Campus

Students from Sweet Home ISD Are Glad to Receive the Donation of 750 Packages of Lysol Wipes

Children from the Learning Tree Daycare Are Appreciative of the Donation of 750 Packages of Lysol Wipes

HEB Staff and DLSEC Staff Help Unload Pallets of Donated Lysol Wipes

DLSEC Staff Worked Quickly with HEB Staff to Unload and Deliver 40 Pallets of Donated Lysol Wipes

Did You Know a Jeep Will Hold 750 Packages of Donated Lysol Wipes?

Learning Tree Daycare Staff Was Excited to Receive the Lysol Wipes Donation

Patti's Kia Could Hold 750 Packages of Lysol Wipes Ready to Be Delivered to Campuses

HEB Receiver, Dianna, Made Moving Pallets Look Easy

Sean Mooney Picks up a Load of Lysol Wipes for St. Joe