Students Learning about Making Marshmallows

DLSEC Director of Operations Meredith Hairell provided a guest cooking lesson for the students in Mrs. Thiry's high school class this week.  She taught the students how to make homemade marshmallows.  The students took an active role in the process from setting up equipment to measuring ingredients to serving hot chocolate with fresh marshmallows to the junior high RISE classes to cleaning up the food preparation areas.  

The process of making homemade marshmallows takes two days as the marshmallows need to set for 10-12 hours before they are ready to be cut, so on Thursday, Mrs. Thiry's students worked with Mrs. Hairell to make the marshmallows in the Yoakum High School cooking lab.  During the preparation, students got to taste store-bought marshmallows and marshmallow crème to conduct a taste comparison.  Then on Friday, the freshly made marshmallows were ready to be tasted, and they did not disappoint!  Students and staff agreed that homemade marshmallows are lighter, creamier, fluffier, and more flavorful than their store-bought, mass-produced counterparts.  

After cutting the marshmallows, the students helped DLSEC HR Administrative Assistant Shelley Connelly make hot chocolate and delivered it to the RISE junior high classes before getting to enjoy their own cups of hot chocolate.  

Each student got to take home a baggie of marshmallows to share with friends or family.